What would a university campus be without coffee and snacks?! Campus Dental is conveniently located in the Student Union Building and is surrounded by a variety of coffee shops and snackable pit-stops. A students’ gotta eat (and dentists too)!

Munchie Bar

Our first stop is right outside our doors at the Munchie Bar which doubles as a place to pick up your munchies for the Cinecenta movie theatre. Serving espresso drinks with Kicking Horse coffee and delectable muffins and pastries, this place hits all the right notes. You might have trouble snagging a seat because you can bet students will be there, tables overflowing with textbooks and laptops.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated vibe, you can pop across the street to Finnerty Express Cafe, located in the UVIC bookstore. This place is the one-stop-shop for all your on-the-go needs. Not only can you get fresh coffee but if you need to grab a protein bar, sandwich, or some 5-cent candies, you can grab daily essentials like a toothbrush (you could just come see us, we’ll give you one). The best thing about this place is you can enjoy your coffee and wait for your bus since it’s right at the bus loop! Nothing makes a bus ride better than a coffee that needs to be snuck on 😉

Who here has spent countless, hours, days, even weeks, studying at the library? Thank heavens they put the Bibliocafe in there!! The lineup is long but they have super tasty salads, sandwiches, and treats to keep you fueled up and are worth the wait. The cafe spills out onto the quad so there is ample seating to take in some vitamin D and some fresh west coast air before returning to the caverns of the library.

Side Project Coffee is a Graduate Students Society cafe but it’s open to everyone (if you don’t mind the pretentious side-eye you might get from some prickly grad student). Located int he Grad Centre, this cafe offer award-winning Sacred Acres coffee, muffins, and scones which are baked in-house as is their ciabatta bread for their sandwiches that are of your own custom design (see, I can be a pretentious grad student too). There is a toasty fireplace there to warm you up and if you just can’t look at your books anymore, there are ample board games to help you shake off any school-related stress. Side Project is also licensed after 11 am so if things are really getting to you, you can indulge in a “specialty” coffee.