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Gaps between teeth do more than make you feel self-conscious or unattractive, spaces also collect bacteria, plaque, and other material that, over time, can cause serious oral and overall health and speech issues.

Named for the way they “bridge” the spaces between teeth lost to trauma or decay, bridges recover your smile’s health by placing new, synthetic teeth where your natural teeth are missing. A bridge may be a great option if you have lost a tooth and the surrounding teeth are healthy.

Our bridges fix gaps easily, quickly and permanently and we will customize a bridge to fit the unique spacing of your teeth and mouth. We take the time to match the shade of your bridge to your existing teeth and your permanent bridge will be straighter, stronger, and more beautiful than your original tooth.

The functions and advantages of a bridge include:

  • Restoring a missing tooth
  • Strengthening the total biting power of your mouth
  • Bringing back the natural look of your smile
  • Correcting speech issues
  • Preventing facial misalignment due to missing teeth


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